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h+w: collide by hikethekilt
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Gallery includes mostly fanart of Sherlock Holmes, Life on Mars, The Mighty Boosh, Death Note, Saiyuki, Doctor Who, and some original stuff.

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Banknote by gr8lilchic Banknote :icongr8lilchic:gr8lilchic 20 58
Poison Apple Ch III
Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who is the fairest of them all?
Who shall be the one to fall;
Who shall answer Charon’s call?

Mirror Mirror
Maybe it was the twisted parallelism of fate, given the nature of L’s dream; or something simple as too much sugary mind-scrambling junk before bed; or perhaps just those damn Technicolor Disney movies that had taken to parading around his head for no apparent reason other than L was slowly driving him crazy, but…
Light dreamt of the detective that night.
And it was a warped Disney-fied dream; Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, all melted and bungled together with the hard apparency that was truly L, and who remained completely unchanged, unfazed, even in this dream kingdom of animation cels constituting princes and princesses which seemed more vital and true than the waking world.
From just beyond the hazy skin of his dream, Light watched L stand amidst a scene that was horribly wrong, and one in which he could never fit; it was
:iconavengeroftheabyss:AvengeroftheAbyss 37 21
Poison Apple ch II
True Love’s First Kiss
“Okay,” Light said firmly, after waiting a moment to be sure that Matsuda and Aizawa, the last to leave for home, were long out of earshot, “what is the matter with you today?”     
“Nothing, Light-kun.” L took his time in prying his eyes away from the computer screen in front of him. “Why do you ask?”
“Because you’ve been behaving really strangely.”  
“Do you think so?” L picked up a scarlet-wrapped sweet and, using only his fingertips, delicately unwrapped it. Light had spent half the afternoon refusing those same sweets, when L would suddenly and unexpectedly thrust one out towards him without even looking in his direction, holding it daintily between his fingers as though he thought it might bite him. “I do not feel that I have acted any differently.”
He gazed fixedly at the brunette teen, candy poised at his mouth.
“Although it is odd,
:iconavengeroftheabyss:AvengeroftheAbyss 41 30
Poison Apple Ch I
Poison Apple
Act One: Fairietayle
Light Yagami was anything but an insomniac – it was not a label he would ever have applied to himself, because not only was he incapable of staying up all day and all night (mostly due to his life-long routine of getting a good amount of sleep so that his prestigious studies didn’t suffer), he also had no desire to.
He was not, however, a heavy sleeper; he awoke easily at even the slightest noise or movement.
And so, mathematically, being chained to a real insomniac who stayed up glued to a laptop all night and then attempting to work out some kind of sleeping arrangement with him was a terrible combination that, ultimately, was doomed to failure right from the ambitious start of the chain-linked surveillance.
Light had a lot of respect for L; but at night, when L really hit his deductive stride, there was no other way of putting it:
The insomniac detective was a goddamn nuisance.

The sharp metallic clinking of the chain awoke L
:iconavengeroftheabyss:AvengeroftheAbyss 94 14
Mature content
The Sin of Defiance Pt II :iconavengeroftheabyss:AvengeroftheAbyss 63 64
Mature content
The Sin of Defiance Pt I :iconavengeroftheabyss:AvengeroftheAbyss 51 12
Merry Kilt-mas
How is it that you know
Why the trees grow to the left as they do?
You laugh without answer and help me
paint each leaf a different color.
I turn on the radio and hear my poetry
Reflected back at me.
You nod in time and hand me the cream
And sugar for my coffee.
How long has it been? Three days - Four
Since my fingers met yours inside the spider’s web?
How long will it be? Five years – Six
Until I can curl my branches around yours
And wipe the web away for the here and now?
It will happen one day, if the fates
So allow.
Until then I will watch you hike up your kilt
Before pouring me a cup of java.
:iconcup-o-java:Cup-O-Java 1 28
lineart with the pen tool by acaraluv lineart with the pen tool :iconacaraluv:acaraluv 9,320 2,010 Pieces of the Puzzle- v.1 by Evergreen-Willow Pieces of the Puzzle- v.1 :iconevergreen-willow:Evergreen-Willow 18 11 Death Note- Ghostly Near by Evergreen-Willow Death Note- Ghostly Near :iconevergreen-willow:Evergreen-Willow 92 25 Near x Near by Evergreen-Willow Near x Near :iconevergreen-willow:Evergreen-Willow 17 5 Misa Amane by Fennix Misa Amane :iconfennix:Fennix 726 74 mini mello by happysmiles013 mini mello :iconhappysmiles013:happysmiles013 539 115


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